Provide Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

Affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

  • There must be financial and regional access to a full range of physical and behavioral healthcare for all. Everyone deserves a full range of healthcare choices.
  • Care must be universally accessible, and universally affordable. A major flaw of the current system is that many people are driven from care, either through high deductibles or high premiums. Under the current administration, healthcare may further deteriorate; one of my own staff members saw his premiums jump nearly $200 a month during the last year. This is simply unacceptable, and the alternatives offered last summer by Congress were ineffective.
  • Quality of care must maintain a certain standard, so that people do not find themselves being under-treated by overworked doctors and nurses, or over-treated by hospitals and clinics motivated by profit.
  • If we are to have the healthcare system we deserve, we must make sure that the people who provide care are well tended. Doctors, nurses, orderlies, technicians, and other healthcare providers deserve the same benefits and work protections that we all do.
  • Our healthcare system has a big role to play in resolving the ongoing opiate addiction crisis, which was largely created by irresponsible practices by drug companies. I will push for needed reforms and funds to prevent addiction and treat its victims.

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