Create and Enforce Just Laws

I believe in the power
of a nation of just laws.

We are a nation of laws. We must be a nation that creates and enforces just laws.

  • Our public health and safety institutions, including our prisons, need to be under public control and held accountable for their actions through common-sense regulation.
  • Private prisons create a monetary incentive to incarcerate people. Public control ensures standards for hygiene, diet, and basic human rights.
  • Our tax code must provide the resources necessary to support our basic physical and social infrastructure while also reducing our federal deficit.
  • We need to support healthy families and strengthen small businesses, while establishing disincentives for corporations who send their jobs overseas.
  • We need to reward corporations who look beyond short-term quarterly profits and make long-term investments in our communities. The recent tax cut passed by Congress made our system of taxation less fair, and does little to actually stimulate the economy – contrary to promises made before it was written.
  • Am committed to campaign finance reform and believe in eliminating the undue influence of foreign governments and big business on our elections.
  • I will fight to overturn Citizens United, to ensure transparency for paid Internet campaign ads, and to collaborate with states to protect the rights of all Americans to vote without prejudice or undue restrictions.

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