Offer Access to Affordable Education

Equal access to affordable education.

My mother was a teacher in Southern and Central Oregon, as well as in East Africa, and she taught me that it is the dedication of teachers and educators who shape the leaders of tomorrow. Government can provide support for equal access to affordable education.

  • I will fight for federal legislation that provides funds for public education, from protecting funding for Head Start so that all children get the early literacy foundation they need to succeed in school, to improving access to trade schools and college education.
  • I will stand up for teachers to get the tools, resources, and funding they deserve for the incredible sacrifices they make to ensure that our children are successful.
  • Will introduce legislation to fund a program to provide a tuition-free college or trade education in exchange for voluntary public service.
  • Dedicated to expanding community colleges to support the education needs of students — public education and community colleges are a connected system that funnel people into positions most needed in rural areas.
  • We must provide support for additional educators and special educators in rural eastern Oregon.
  • I support student loan forgiveness programs for those who choose careers in public service.

Endorsed by the Oregon Education Association– a union representing about 44,000 educators working in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 public schools and community colleges.

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