Jamie's endorsements include highly respected Oregon elected officials, community leaders and organizations.

Elected Officials

“In my travels across Oregon, I hear regularly from residents throughout the 2nd Congressional District about the challenges they face getting access to quality healthcare, finding good-paying jobs, dealing with rising housing costs, and paying for college.These direct conversations are essential guides to my work in the Senate advocating and fighting for Oregon values. I’m impressed that Jamie McLeod-Skinner is using that same proven approach, driving 44,000 miles around the district and having similar conversations with Oregonians. Jamie understands the importance of listening to people and being accessible, which we need a lot more of in Washington, D.C. right now.”

- U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden, U.S. Senator
Jeff Merkley, U.S. Senator
Pam Marsh,State Representative, Oregon House District 5
Darby Ayers-Flood, Talent Mayor
Paul Blackburn, Hood River Mayor
N. Kathryn Brigham, Board of Trustees, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Barb Campbell, Bend City Councilor
Carrie Douglass, Bend La-Pine School Board
Kate Dwyer, Three Rivers School District Board Chair
Scott Fairley, Pendleton City Councilor
Dale Freeman, Pendleton School Board
Darcy Long-Curtiss, The Dalles City Councilor

Carina Miller, Warm Springs Tribal Council Representative
John Mundy, Board of Directors, Central Oregon Community College
Adam Nilsson, Baker City Councilor
Bob Parke, Dufur City Councilor
Stefani Seffinger, Ashland City Councilor
Erica Skatvold, Board of Directors, Central Oregon Community College
Kevin Stine, Medford City Councilor
Phil Studenberg, Klamath Falls City Councilor
David Ward, Harney County Sheriff
Stuart Warren, Phoenix City Councilor
Sarah Westover, Phoenix City Councilor

Community Leaders

"Oregon has a long and rich history with independent leaders who dared to work across party lines for the benefit of our state and nation. Republican Mark Hatfield and Democrat Wayne Morse are two great examples. I have no doubt that Jamie McLeod-Skinner will follow in their footsteps. Let's work together to send her to Congress."

- John Lamoreau, former Union County Commissioner and Greg Walden supporter

Richard Adams, AAL, former Grants Pass School District Board member
Robert Bailey
, Owner, Orchard View Farm, The Dalles
Christine Chin Ryan
, President, Oregon NOW
Kathy Conway, Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action
Commander Beth F. Coye, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Ashland
Dave Eyler, teacher and coach, Vale High School
Dr. David Gilmour, former Jackson County Commissioner
Athena Goldberg, Director of Behavioral Health, AllCare Health
Jeff Golden, former Jackson County Commissioner
Mike Hines, social worker, Grants Pass VA Outpatient Clinic
John Lamoreau, former Union County Commissioner
Jack Lorts, former Mayor of Fossil, Oregon
Mike Murphy, former Mayor of Grants Pass, Oregon
Richard Pederson, former Director of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Janelle Rebick, President, Bend Education Association
Barbara Roberts, former Governor of Oregon
Hon. Lore Rutz-Burri, Pro Tem Judge, Josephine County Circuit Court
Hon. Mark Schiveley, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge (Ret.)

Dennis Slattery, Board of Trustees, Southern Oregon University
Sandra Slattery, Executive Director, Ashland Chamber of Commerce
Steve Taylor, former Pendleton City Councilor
Mike Thorne, Pendleton wheat farmer and former State Senator (District 29)
N. Dale Thompson, former Mayor of Condon, Oregon
Cherryl Walker, former Josephine County Commissioner and State Representative District 4


Independent Party of Oregon - reducing special interest influence and increasing transparency in our government, improving access to education, protecting consumers, and growing business in ways that benefit the public.

Working Families Party - growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy in which every voice matters.

Unete Center for Farm Worker Advocacy- a movement of farm workers and immigrants that strives to empower and enrich through education, advocacy, in issues that affect their lives.

American Federation of Teachers -representing 1.7 million pre-K through 12th-grade teachers, school personnel, higher education faculty and professional staff, government employees, nurses and healthcare professionals.

Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37 - securing improved wages, hours, working conditions, and other economic advantages through legal and economic means.

Service Employees’ International Union 503 - standing together to improve access to education, test new drivers, help veterans, assist at-risk youth, repair bridges, and care for children, seniors and people with disabilities — just to name a few.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 - A union of over 25,000 workers and their families throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

Oregon Education Association- a union representing about 44,000 educators working in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 public schools and community colleges.

National Organization for Women - The Foundation focuses on a broad range of women’s rights issues, including economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, women’s health and body image, women with disabilities, reproductive rights and justice, family law, marriage and family formation rights of same-sex couples, representation of women in the media, and global feminist issues.

The Vocal Seniority - Located in Bend, is an all volunteer, nonmember, non-fundraising, grassroots organization; actively promoting social and economic justice and environmental sustainability.

Run with Pride  - dedicated to electing LGBT Democratic candidates to U.S. Congress.

The Indivisible Project - a nationwide progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the Trump Agenda.

Protect Oregon's Progress - Protect Oregon's Progress is the Indivisible group for The Dalles, We are a group of concerned citizens who have formed a local grass-roots organization dedicated to standing up for our civil and human rights, and those of others.

The Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs - (OABA) was established in 1977 to improve conditions for Blacks in Oregon. Our political and economical voices were nearly non-existent, and our concerns for each other were indifferent.

L-PAC- building the political power of LGBTQ women.

The American Women's Party - advocacy group fighting for equal representation, participation, and policy development for women in the Democratic Party.

Source Weekly - Newspaper based in Bend, Oregon.

Jefferson County Democrats - dedicated to implementing Democratic Party platforms through candidates and legislation. We are a living organization with platforms and policies shaped by members.

Jackson County Democrats LGBTQ Caucus - Committed to and focused on advocating and promoting LGBTQ representation and LGBTQ inclusive public policies.

Democratic Party of Oregon - promotes the election of Democratic candidates at every level across the state of Oregon with technical, financial and volunteer support. We provide opportunities for all Oregon Democrats to participate fully in our political process.

Indivisible Bend- A grassroots community of citizen activists who support candidates and policies that advance justice and liberty. United by IndivisibleGuide.com.

What Supporters Say:

“My experience as a city councilor with Jamie McLeod-Skinner as the city manager of Phoenix, Oregon was very professional. Jamie entered into a position that had been vacated many times due to assorted reasons. Some previous managers were fired, some left on their own accord. She confronted issues with a professional, direct approach and did her best to ensure that proper process was being utilized. She was very committed to her fiduciary responsibility and to the laws that govern how city government operates. I believe that her personality will create an atmosphere of transparency, trust and accountability. And I believe her strong work ethic will be a great addition to the House of Representatives.”

Stuart Warren
Phoenix City Council

“Jamie is a highly dedicated public servant who is ready to stand with rural Oregonians for affordable healthcare, living wage jobs and a healthy environment. She has the right values and experience to represent our rural communities in Congress.”

Sarah Westover
Phoenix City Council

“I am honored to offer my official endorsement of candidate for congressional district 2, Jamie McLeod Skinner. District 2 is a large, unique, diverse district and we are ready for a congressional representative with the ability to represent every community from a foundation of transparency and integrity, who already has experience in public service. The issues identified as priorities are issues deeply affecting all constituents in this district including infrastructure- physical and social, health care, public lands, and water laws among others. With her background in international work and regional issues, I believe she has the knowledge and unique ability to roll up her sleeves and find real solutions for everyone involved. Jaime has taken the time to have meaningful relationships with many communities and has made sure she is truly engaging with our tribal community not only on the campaign trail but with her education in law, and some experience in tribal law, serving as a co-director of the Native American Law Student Association during her time at the University of Oregon."

Carina Miller
Warm Springs Tribal Council Representative

“Rural Oregonians deserve a representative that embodies their unique rugged individualism and community values. Jamie McLeod-Skinner has demonstrated that she's more than talk, but a true fighter for healthcare, a fair wage and women’s productive health rights. She represents the pioneering spirit of Oregonians and our future."

Athena Goldberg
LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health, AllCare Health

“Families want their children to be kindergarten-ready, but our rural community has far too few preschool slots, and an appalling lack of child care options. Our school district needs legislators who really listen to local solutions for local problems. Jamie listens."

Kate Dwyer
Three Rivers School District Board Chair

“As an Asian-American woman and small business owner, I appreciate Jamie's thorough understanding of Oregon's needs. She has demonstrated that she stands with local businesses and will focus her efforts on helping them to grow and thrive. While her opponent is funded by and does the bidding of large out-of-state corporations, Jamie McLeod-Skinner will work for the businesses of Oregon’s second district."

Christine Chin Ryan
Business Owner and Past Chair, Governor’s Small Business Council

“I am very impressed with Jamie. I believe that it is time for a change in Washington and so I am a Republican who will be voting for McLeod Skinner in November."

Teri Meyers
La Pine

“As a maternal-child health provider, I support Jamie's election to Congress because she is committed to breaking down barriers to care in rural Oregon. In contrast, Greg Walden repeatedly voted over many years to withhold funding from the Children's Health Insurance Plan which low-income children and mothers need. Jamie will provide new leadership making access to health care, not corporate profit, the priority."

Maggi Machala, MPH, RN

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner is an experienced leader committed to the the needs of all the residents of of the District: Health care, education and employment.  She is not a single-issue candidate nor is she partisan in her understanding of our issues - all people are important.  She is the candidate with new ideas and a positive plan for the future of our district."

Cherryl Walker
Grants Pass

“In this election there is a candidate who will embrace the courageous Oregon ethics and values of Tom McCall, Mark Hatfield and Wayne Morse, who will not be encased by the partisan divide, and knows that the best solutions are neither Democrat or Republican. That candidate is Jamie McLeod-Skinner."

Reverend Gary Young
Hood River

As a veteran, former VA employee and mental health provider I believe we owe a debt to those who served. I also worry for a health care system that is growing so expensive that families and seniors are priced out of the care they need and should have."

Mike Hines
Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Army

“I am proud to support Jamie. She is a hard worker, honest, prepared, and committed to representing Oregonians in D.C. and at home. "

Barbara Roberts
Former Governor of Oregon

In our outdoor recreation industry, we need a champion for sound, balanced management of our natural resources, rather than merely a spokesman for the resource extractors, as Greg Walden has consistently been."

Dave Strahan
Territory Manager/Sporting Goods Distribution

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner better represents values and policies that reflect concerns of Oregonians regarding fiscal responsibility, health care, resource management, social programs, and immigration. She is visible and interested in the views of her constituents, not just the interests of corporate interests. She has my support.”

Tim Thompson
Former District Attorney for Union and Josephine Counties

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner is the voice we need representing CD2 Oregon residents at the federal level. With persistence and a pragmatic understanding of the needs east of the Cascades, Jamie will fight for our healthcare, good-paying jobs, affordable housing, tuition-fee education opportunities, and responsible gun ownership. Her vision for a better future and passion for fighting for change in Washington will guide us well into the future.”

Erica Skatvold
Board of Directors, Central Oregon Community College

"As a self-described 'rural Democrat,' McLeod-Skinner takes a balanced approach to issues including gun control, supporting waiting periods before gun sales, universal background checks, and regulating bump stocks, while at the same time being in favor of limiting military assault-style weapons. She's a strong advocate for more resources and advocacy for veterans. She supports a reversal of tariffs that threaten the ability of farmers and ranchers to run a thriving business. She's also in favor of expanding community colleges and offering tuition breaks to graduates who work in public service. We believe her thoughtful, moderate, accessible approach to some of the most pressing issues facing the district make her a strong contender against the entrenched politician that Walden has become. Constituents in this vast district deserve an advocate who is in touch with their needs. Vote Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congressional District 2."

Source Weekly
Editorial Column, October 24, 2018

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