Oregon Education Association– a union representing about 44,000 educators working in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 public schools and community colleges.

Working Families Party – growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy in which every voice matters.

The American Women’s Party – advocacy group fighting for equal representation, participation, and policy development for women in the Democratic Party.

Unete Center for Farm Worker Advocacy– a movement of farm workers and immigrants that strives to empower and enrich through education, advocacy, in issues that affect their lives.

The Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs – (OABA) was established in 1977 to improve conditions for Blacks in Oregon. Our political and economical voices were nearly non-existent, and our concerns for each other were indifferent.

Run with Pride  – dedicated to electing LGBT Democratic candidates to U.S. Congress.

The Vocal Seniority – Located in Bend, is an all volunteer, nonmember, non-fundraising, grassroots organization; actively promoting social and economic justice and environmental sustainability.

National Organization for Women – The Foundation focuses on a broad range of women’s rights issues, including economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, women’s health and body image, women with disabilities, reproductive rights and justice, family law, marriage and family formation rights of same-sex couples, representation of women in the media, and global feminist issues.

Protect Oregon’s Progress – Protect Oregon’s Progress is the Indivisible group for The Dalles, We are a group of concerned citizens who have formed a local grass-roots organization dedicated to standing up for our civil and human rights, and those of others.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 – A union of over 25,000 workers and their families throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

Elected officials and community leaders: 

Carina Miller, Warm Springs Tribal Council Representative; Rod Monroe, Oregon State Senator; Sara Gelser, Oregon State Senator; Jeff Golden, Former Jackson County Commissioner and Founding producer, PBS’ Immense Possibilities; Stefani Seffinger, Ashland City Council; Phil Studenberg, Klamath Falls City Council Member; Scott Fairley, Pendleton City Council; Stuart Warren, Phoenix City Council; Darby Ayers-Flood, Mayor of City of Talent; Kevin Stine, Medford City Council; Adam Nilsson, Baker City Council; N. Dale Thompson, Former Mayor of Condon; Barb Campbell, Bend City Council; Darcy Long-Curtiss, The Dalles City Council Member; Bob Parke, Dufur City Council; Dale Freeman, Vice Chair Pendleton School Board Member; Jack Lorts, Former Mayor of Fossil; Dave Eyler, Vale High School teacher and coach, Erica Skatvold, COCC Board Member; John Mundy, COCC Board Member; Carrie Douglass, Bend La-Pine School District Board Member; Janelle Rebick, President Bend Education Association; Jane H. Cease, Former Oregon State Senator; Christine Chin Ryan, President Elect, Oregon Chapter National Organization for Women, and Executive Vice Chair, DNC Small Business Council; Athena Goldberg, Director of Behavioral Health for AllCare Health, National Health Service Corp award recipient; Alan Journet; Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now and Kathy Conway; Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now.

Molly Tinsley; Steve Clements; Gena Goodman-Campbell; John Dillon; Racheal Scdoris; Nikki Roemmer; Bill Herz; Noah Walden; Roger Sabbadini; Nancy Boever, Zandra Brant; Joyce Segers; Sheri Morin; Christine Haynie; Edward Gerdes; Alana Groeper; Carolyn Wright; Tina Hamilton; Jeanne Lahaie; Alan Journet; Carolyn Wright; Shirley Anderson; Joan Goodwin; Pat Ackley; Gayle & Mike Stamler; Christine Haynie; William & Judy Smith; Mara Stein; John Holmer; Aleece Townsend; Scott Nelson; Barbara Hedrick; Victoria Bones; Kevin Crane; Bob Morse; Elizabeth McMahon; Dianne Crampton

What our supporters say:

Carina Miller, Warm Springs Tribal Council Representative

“I am honored to offer my official endorsement of candidate for congressional district 2, Jamie McLeod Skinner. District 2 is a large, unique, diverse district and we are ready for a congressional representative with the ability to represent every community from a foundation of transparency and integrity, who already has experience in public service. The issues identified as priorities are issues deeply affecting all constituents in this district including infrastructure- physical and social, health care, public lands, and water laws among others. With her background in international work and regional issues, I believe she has the knowledge and unique ability to roll up her sleeves and find real solutions for everyone involved. Jaime has taken the time to have meaningful relationships with many communities and has made sure she is truly engaging with our tribal community not only on the campaign trail but with her education in law, and some experience in tribal law, serving as a co-director of the Native American Law Student Association during her time at the University of Oregon.”

Stuart Warren, Phoenix City Council

“My experience as a city councilor with Jamie McLeod-Skinner as the city manager of Phoenix, Oregon was very professional. Jamie entered into a position that had been vacated many times due to assorted reasons. Some previous managers were fired, some left on their own accord. She confronted issues with a professional, direct approach and did her best to ensure that proper process was being utilized. She was very committed to her fiduciary responsibility and to the laws that govern how city government operates. I believe that her personality will create an atmosphere of transparency, trust and accountability. And I believe her strong work ethic will be a great addition to the House of Representatives.”

Molly Tinsley, Writer, recipient of two National Endowment of the Arts fellowships in fiction

“Jamie McLeod Skinner is brilliant and open-hearted, as well as firmly grounded in a wide-range of expertise. With impeccable integrity, she will put her constituents first: our families, our communities, our quality of life.”

Edward Gerdes, Small Business Owner and Lawyer

“As a graduate of Medford Sr. High in 1978, the UO in 1988, and as a small business owner, I am convinced that Jamie’s regional and world perspectives will serve our community well. It is time for an honest, transparent Congresswoman who understands the hopes and needs of our neighbors in the diverse 2nd Congressional District. Jamie can and will be that Congresswoman!”

Jeanne Chouard, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Oregon District 2 is different.  We don’t fit into the stereotypes that the Washington elites and lobbyists want to force upon us.  We value our individual freedoms and are fiercely independent.  But, we also demand that our federal government step up to it’s responsibilities to ensuring every Oregonian gets a fair shot at being able to provide for their families, breath clean air, have access to clean water and basic health care.  That’s why we need a unique, strong and independent candidate like Jamie McCleod-Skinner in Congress.  Jamie has worked her entire career to make life better for ordinary people.  With degrees in both engineering and law and years of  experience as an elected city councilor as well as an engineer, Jamie is the most qualified candidate on the ballot.  Let’s make this Oregon high school track champion our champion in Congress.”



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