Ethics & Phoenix

Ethics & Phoenix

Let’s Talk About Phoenix and Ethical Leadership

“I am committed to ethical public service, and I believe in standing up for my constituents.”  – Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Anyone can say it, but who does it when their job is on the line? Would you act or stay silent?

We are in a new era of politics. We have seen jobs lost for standing up for ethical governance – former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired for refusing to misapply federal law at President Trump’s request.

In Phoenix, Oregon, Jamie was hired by an organization with chronic leadership and financial mismanagement issues, and she was fired for addressing those issues. When pressured to go quietly, she called for a public hearing – knowing she would be vilified – to alert the people of Phoenix to what was going on in their city. She proudly stood up for what was right, even when she knew it could cost her job.

Leadership takes courage. That’s what integrity is all about. Jamie’s work in Phoenix was consistent with her proud reputation of being socially progressive, fiscally responsible, and having an absolute commitment to ethics.

That’s the kind of representative we need: one who stands up to bullies, political and corporate, to protect their constituents. Jamie is a battle-tested fighter. She is not afraid to speak truth to power.

Let’s Talk about Phoenix

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