Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

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The Walden of 2008 is gone

The Bulletin, September 17, 2018:
“Where has the Walden of 2008 gone? It’s time to recognize the current Rep. Walden for what he is: a useful tool for the Trump and GOP agenda. I’m voting for an alternative. Jamie McLeod-Skinner will truly represent my health care interests, not degrade them.”
John Kloetzel, Ashland

McLeod-Skinner will protect health care

The Bulletin, September 17, 2018:
“Candidate Jamie McLeod-Skinner provides a refreshing difference in perspective. She brings a positive attitude toward fixing what’s not working, and strengthening what is. She understands that access to affordable health care is essential to everybody, not just the wealthy. I’m voting for her and, whether you or somebody you love is going to need health care now or in the future, you should consider doing the same.”
Jenni Peskin, Bend

Jamie Knows Dist. 2

Hood River News, September 15, 2018:
“I was impressed by the number and variety of people who came out to meet her, including orchardists and doctors, retirees and young entrepreneurs. She knows the district; she has traveled and met people everywhere from Malheur to Madras. She is genuine and charming. Jamie’s campaign is low key and it is viable. It’s time to elect a representative who connects with the people who live here. Its time to elect Jamie McLeod-Skinner to represent us in Congress.”
Christine Knowles, Hood River

Time for Change

Ashland Daily Tidings, September 14, 2018:
“Congressional District 2 needs a candidate who will work for us, not for the drug companies or for Trump. Jackson County residents deserve a congressperson who will meet with all of us, not just with country-club friends. It’s been over 500 days since Walden has appeared in person at a town hall in CD2. Stand up for accountability and stand up to bullies. Send McLeod-Skinnner to Washington, D.C.”
Brenda B. Gould, Ashland

Student encourages youth to vote for candidates

Herald and News, September 14, 2018:
“Jamie McLeod Skinner supports student loan debt forgiveness for those who go into public service and tuition-free college or trade education in exchange for voluntary public service. These programs could make a huge difference for young people like me. She is even endorsed by the Oregon Education Association, which represents 44,000 educators working in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 public schools and community colleges.”
Caitlin Budd, Klamath Falls

Letter | Are you ready to vote?

East Oregonian, September 3, 2018:
“Over the past year, Jamie McLeod-Skinner has visited with communities and people all across Oregon’s Congressional District 2. You may have seen her and talked with her. You likely learned that she is a clear and caring communicator. You likely have learned about Jamie’s strong background in public service and her deep respect for all people.”
Patty Jones, Pilot Rock

Letters, Aug. 31

Ashland Daily Tidings, August 31, 2018:
“Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary offers several definitions of “smoke,” and I think this one fits Walden’s newfound concern about our wildfires: “something of little substance, permanence or value”. What has he been doing in Congress for the past five years as these fires have increased in number, frequency and destructiveness in Oregon and elsewhere? Maybe he will tell us at the debate challenge issued by his opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, scheduled for today at noon at the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center in Medford, Room 129B. Or will he be “all smoke and mirrors”? Come and find out.”
Gretchen Thiel, Ashland

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 29, 2018

Baker City Herald, August 29, 2018:
“Jamie will represent us Eastern Oregonians, not the millionaires who pay for Walden. Greg really needs to go home.”
Jane Wentzel, Baker City

Letters, Aug. 24

Ashland Daily Tidings, August 24, 2018:
“While Walden works with lobbyists and his caucus in Congress to repeal ACA support for the Oregon Health Plan and coverage for existing conditions (including smoke-related ones), Jamie McLeod-Skinner is listening to the people here and ready to act toward mitigating the warming and smoke plus keeping our health coverage. What will it be? Hearings, lobbyists or action? Vote for change in November!”
Larry Cooper, Ashland

Guest column: Vote Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress

The Bulletin, August 24, 2018:
“If so, please vote in November for the candidate that comes closest to sharing your values and concerns, even if you don’t agree with that person 100 percent on every single issue?

But please don’t sit this one out.

As for me, I will help reduce the number of Republican congressional enablers by voting for Rep. Greg Walden’s exceptionally well-qualified opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner.”
Kay Stein, Bend

Letter | McLeod-Skinner recognizes global warming threat

East Oregonian, August 22, 2018:
“One major cause of this warming is mankind’s activities. Thus, we have the theoretical ability to change this scenario. We need our lawmakers to acknowledge this and come up with science based solutions. How do we know which of our District 2 congressional candidates is paying attention and willing to do this? An easy way is to look at their website and see their stance on global warming.

Greg Walden’s website doesn’t mention it. Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s website says global warming is the greatest threat to our environment there is. I’m voting for Jamie.”
John Schwartz, The Dalles

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 18

Hood River News, August 18, 2018:
“How about someone who can represent your needs in Congress rather than someone who first owes allegiance to the pharmaceuticals, health insurance companies, broadcasters, oil and gas industries? Or maybe someone who is informed about the serious impacts of global warming on our rural economy?

Then cast your vote for change in November! Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner, an enormously energetic and committed advocate. Don’t let this opportunity go by for a real representative in Congressional District 2. Your vote is critical!”
Diane Bungum, The Dalles


“Jamie McLeod-Skinner is ready to talk about the future of our region, and she believes Walden will live up to his agreement to debate her. I urge voters to contact Walden’s campaign and let him know that we — not just his big-money donors — want a chance to hear what he has to say.”
Rhonda Starling, Mosier


“She loves eastern Oregon and wants to put decency back into public policy. We could use some of that in Congress! I would hope that Ms. Wilhelm can appreciate that supporting these principles doesn’t make a person partisan, just sensible.”
Bruce Lumper, The Dalles


“We need a new voice in Washington. That’s why in November I’m voting for the woman who has the values and courage to stand up against such injustice: Jamie McLeod-Skinner.”
Tracie Hornung, Parkdale


“Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Walden’s opponent, wants an immigration system that provides a path to citizenship for those who have grown up in the U.S. and to those who have paid taxes and contributed to our economy, our communities, and our national defense. That’s good for our agricultural sector and creates safer communities by encouraging positive engagement with community law enforcement.

It is not acceptable to tear families apart. It’s time we elected leaders like Jamie who are willing to hammer out a common-sense solution that works for our region’s industries and communities, for mothers, fathers and children.”
Nikki Paulson, Hood River

What a representative should do

Herald and News, August 14, 2018:
“I want a representative who does not sneak in and out of the district, determined to speak only to those who agree and never to anyone who challenges, questions, or complains.

I want a representative who builds bridges, not walls, but one who boldly walks up to opposition groups and asks, ‘How can we work together?’

I want a representative who does not speak in platitudes and empty phrases, but has specific solutions to specific problems facing rural Oregon. I want Jamie McLeod-Skinner as my representative.”
Linda Young, Klamath Falls

Readers respond: McLeod-Skinner offers Eastern Oregon real representation

The Oregonian, August 10, 2018:

“His 2nd Congressional District opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, on the other hand, specifically answers direct questions and actually listens to us eastern Oregonians. That is what we should expect and are entitled to from our representatives. It has been refreshing to me to have thoughtful discourse with a smart, experienced person without ties to industries we don’t have here, like pharmaceutical companies and internet providers. I look forward to a great partnership with a real representative.”
Sandra Haechrel, The Dalles

Letter | Debates would reveal true rural champion

East Oregonian, August 8, 2018:

“When choosing an elected official, we the people who are being represented need to know a candidate’s views on the issues of concern locally, nationally, and internationally. As an Oregon District 2 constituent I am looking forward to hearing both candidates, even though I already know who I am voting for: the candidate who is working to restore openness, responsiveness, and accountability as an elected official — Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Yes, McLeod-Skinner is the rural champion that will work for us and will get my vote.”
Beverly Sherrill, The Dalles

Letters to the Editor for August 8

Hood River News, August 8, 2018:

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner is clear on her willingness to fight climate change, and to help Oregon create jobs in a clean energy economy to boot. We can and MUST do better than Walden.”
Bonnie New, Hood River


“I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Jamie McLeod-Skinner several times at public events in the Gorge in the past year. Each time, she has seriously engaged, listening and asking questions in addition to talking about her positions and qualifications to be a U.S. Representative. Sometimes our conversations have ended in agreement and sometimes we don’t agree. But I have always walked away feeling that I have been heard and my concerns and views have been respected.”
MariRuth Petzing, Hood River


“His congressional opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, on the other hand, not only specifically answers direct questions, but actually carefully listens to us eastern Oregonians. That is what we should expect and are entitled to from our representatives. Thoughtful discourse with a smart, experienced person without ties to industries we don’t have here, such as pharmaceuticals and internet providers, has been refreshing to me, and I look forward to a great real partnership with a new real representative.”
Sandra Haechrel, Hood River

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 4

Hood River News, August 4, 2018:

“It seems that the political experts, both Democrats and Republicans, assume that Greg Walden is unbeatable. There is no outside money streaming into Oregon to support Jamie’s campaign. She isn’t endorsed by Emily’s List, the feminist fundraising group that supports women candidates. If there is to be any contest at all in the Second Congressional District, we have to join together in this vast district to make sure Jamie has a chance to make her voice heard.”
Christine Knowles, Hood River


“You have a choice in Congressional District 2 in this election. You can vote for Mr. Walden, who says he works for us … or you can vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner, who will work for us, and who promises to listen to what rural people in Oregon need and want, and bring that voice to Congress.

Jamie understands what it means to live, go to school and work in rural Oregon in these times. She attended high school in Oregon and earned her law degree at the University of Oregon. She developed policy as a city planner and was elected to the city council. She and her family live and work in rural Oregon. She is smart, capable, hardworking, and principled. She is prepared to meet the D.C. elite on our terms, not theirs. That’s why I’m voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner on November 6.”
Mark Reynolds, Hood River

Letter to the Editor for Aug. 3, 2018

Baker City Herald, August 3, 2018:

“It’s time for a leader who works for us — not wealthy campaign donors. It’s time for Jamie McLeod-Skinner. She supports people over politics. She says, ‘When it comes down to people versus money, folks in our district know where they stand and it’s about having an independent minded representative.’

McLeod-Skinner has visited every county in our district to meet and listen to as many constituents as possible. Her campaign emphasizes jobs, healthcare, environment, education and veterans — all vital concerns for our district. McLeod-Skinner knows who she is responsible to — the voters of District 2. She will be the kind of public servant we need.”
Cynthia Roberts, Baker City

Walden’s hypocrisy means I support McLeod-Skinner

Baker City Herald, July 25, 2018:

“Fortunately, we have an opportunity to make a change. Jamie McLeod-Skinner is running to be our new representative. She realizes that the recent tax cut passed by Congress made our system of taxation less fair and she does not support it. She will advocate for our families and communities and not for special interests. She cares about the hard working and retired people in our district. Learn more about Jamie and join me in voting her into office in November.”
Gloria Gordon, Baker City

Vote for McLeod-Skinner to serve all Oregonians

The Bulletin, July 25, 2018:

“To effectively maintain interests and financial livability of ranchers as well as those who recreate in public land it is imperative that we vote to elect Jamie McLeod-Skinner who will serve all Oregonians.

Thank you, Kelly Cannon-Miller for writing “truth to power” and for supporting the campaign of Jamie McLeod-Skinner, who in your words, ‘understands the real issues facing the West.'”
Zora Belle Roley, La Pine

Letters to the Editor for July 21

Hood River News, July 20, 2018:

“It’s time for a big change in our country’s leadership. I urge my fellow readers to learn about and vote in November for Jamie McLeod-Skinner to be our next U.S. representative here in U.S. House District 2.

Jamie has made a lifelong commitment to public service with a strong belief in people over politics. She’s working on the ground to meet our most important needs. For example, her top priority issue is a livable wage, and she has focused on global warming as ‘the biggest threat to our environment.'”
Linda Densmore, Hood River

Letters: Pardon was a ploy for votes; Open letter to Walden about Trump; A way to serve the county

The Bulletin, July 13, 2018:

“Anyone genuinely concerned about Eastern Oregon ranchers will vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner this November. McLeod-Skinner understands the real issues facing the West and those who make their living from the land. The issues facing Eastern Oregon ranchers cannot be solved by supporting the public-property destroying, media-grabbing and, ultimately, selfish agenda of ranchers like the Bundys, who believe the West belongs to them alone.”
Kelly Cannon-Miller, Bend

Letter | McLeod-Skinner is Oregon’s rural champion

East Oregonian, July 11, 2018:

“Where’s Walden? Soon to be looking for another job because Jamie McLeod Skinner will be our champion. She is already out in the district listening to our voices, engaged and advocating for our families and communities, not for special interests. Jamie McLeod Skinner, our rural champion, will work for us.”
Beverly Sherrill, The Dalles

Letters to the Editor for June 25, 2018

Baker City Herald, June 25, 2018:

“It’s time for a big change in our country’s leadership. I urge my fellow readers to learn about and vote in November for Jamie McLeod-Skinner to be our next U.S. representative.

Jamie has made a lifelong commitment to public service with a strong belief in people over politics. She’s working on the ground to meet our most important needs. For example, her top priority issue is a livable wage, and she has focused on global warming as ‘the biggest threat to our environment.'”
Marshall McComb, Baker City

Letters to the Editor

Lake County Examiner, June 6, 2018:

“Eastern Oregon Democrats have now found a superb candidate to take him on in Jamie McLeod-Skinner. For the past year, Jamie has traveled tirelessly throughout the district, building a volunteer and supporter network that shows what can be done without expensive media buys. She wears her family’s Eastern Oregon roots proudly and speaks to those values on the campaign trail.”
Jeanne Atkins, Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon

Letter | McLeod-Skinner ready to take on Walden

East Oregonian, May 25, 2018:

“The midterm primary election is over and we now know who we can support that will help bring sense to Congress. And her name is Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Jamie is a native of the eastern and southern Oregon region and will bring a real knowledge of our issues and values to Congress. She has the experience, knowledge and common sense to solve the grave issues currently facing our district, state and country. She also exhibits the absolute integrity that Washington is so lacking in at the present time.”
Jack Lorts, Fossil

Letters to the Editor, May 9

Mail Tribune, May 9, 2018:

“I have attended the candidates’ forum and have read everything I can about the candidates’ platforms. After thoughtful evaluation I will be casting my vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

On a personal level I feel she has a real sense of the Rogue Valley and its needs because she has lived here. More importantly, she has a thorough understanding of our district as a whole.”
Ellen Quin Ley, Ashland

Letter to the Editor: Make your vote count

The Dalles Chronicle, May 9, 2018:

“Democrats in the Second Congressional District can also vote for another problem-solver with governmental experience by voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Jamie is anxious to work “across the aisle” to come up with solutions to many of the challenges we face like health care, environmental issues and energy policies.”
Karen and Steve Murray, The Dalles

McLeod-Skinner has strong qualifications

Herald and News, May 8, 2018:

“Jamie’s roots run deep here in District 2. She attended high school in Ashland, and her family continues to live throughout southern, central and eastern Oregon.

Jamie recognizes that parts of our region have not seen the growth and prosperity of others. That many families are still struggling. A top priority for Jamie is the development of good paying jobs for working families.”
Mary Lou Wogan, Klamath Falls

Letters to the Editor, May 5

Mail Tribune, May 5, 2018:

“Jamie has made a life-long commitment to public service with a strong belief of people over politics. Her public service includes positions as a senior city planner, city manager for Phoenix, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. She received her law degree at University of Oregon with an emphasis on natural resources and water law.

What stands out is her ability to listen to the diversity of viewpoints in District 2. This is what we need — a person who will create dialogue, allowing the people to be a part of the solution.”  – Diane C. Paulson, Ashland

LETTER: McLeod-Skinner the best candidate for rural Oregonians

East Oregonian, May 4, 2018:

“Grass roots” is a term that we hear thrown around a lot, especially during election season. I’ve been actively involved in local politics for 18 years at various levels. This time around, as a volunteer for the Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon Campaign, I’ve experienced the true meaning of a grass roots campaign, starting with the candidate herself”  – Vickie Read, Pendleton

Letter to the Editor: Jamie is the real deal

The Dalles Chronicle, May 4, 2018:

“I believe she would devote the same diligence to representing District 2 in Congress that she has displayed throughout her professional life, one marked by down-to-earth honesty and a lifelong familiarity with the life of hardworking rural Oregonians.

I left that special meeting at the library with a new conviction of my own: Jamie McLeod-Skinner is the right person to replace Greg Walden and this is the right time for that change.”  – Debbie Blair, The Dalles

McLeod-Skinner best choice for Congress

Herald and News, May 3, 2018:

“A few weeks ago I changed my registration from Republican to Democrat so I could vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress.

I attended a candidate forum out of curiosity and she was very impressive. I would like to vote for a candidate who can discuss our problems using an accurate but neutral vocabulary, a candidate who works to find common ground among diverse groups and work productively with them.”  – Susie Hasselbrink, Klamath Falls

Letters: Back Tammy Baney; Vote Jenni Neahring; Support Jamie McLeod-Skinner

The Bulletin, May 2, 2018:

“The Bulletin points out that your endorsee is the total package. There is another candidate in this race who is truly the total package. Jamie McLeod-Skinner. The Bulletin describes Jamie as a “clear standout” in the field of candidates. She has visited all 20 counties in the district over the last year, researching the many issues that are important to both rural and urban constituents. Having family roots in this district, a broad, relevant education, prior political experience and being extremely articulate, it is clear that Jamie is the right choice to represent the 2nd District.”  – Nancy Chaffee, Bend

Letters: Vote DeBone; Find car solutions; Vote Baney; McLeod-Skinner for Congress

The Bulletin, April 30, 2018:

“Jamie can win, as shown by her success as a twice-elected public official, her diverse and impressive list of endorsements from community leaders and groups throughout the district, and the fact she has won ALL four straw polls conducted at candidate forums. Having strong family roots and other connections in Central and Eastern Oregon and with the support of voters of all moderate political persuasions, Jamie can beat Walden.” – Sue Vordenberg, Bend

Letters to the Editor, April 28

Mail Tribune, April 28, 2018:

“From the first time I heard Jamie McLeod-Skinner speak at the candidate forum on health care last December to each subsequent time, she stands out among the crowded field of Democratic candidates for Oregon Congressional District 2.” – Delcy Tibbetts, Medford

Letters to the Editor, April 27

Ashland Daily Tidings, April 27, 2018:

“The reason I have chosen to support Jamie is because she is the most qualified candidate to serve our district. She is the only Democrat running who has won two campaigns and held political office.

Jamie has made a life-long commitment to public service with a strong belief of people over politics. Her public service includes positions as a senior city planner, city manager for Phoenix, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. She received her law degree at University of Oregon with an emphasis on natural resources and water law.” – Diane C. Paulson, Ashland

Letter: McLeod-Skinner best choice for Congress

East Oregonian, April 26, 2018:

“This homeless man is one of the many reasons I have chosen to support Jamie McLeod-Skinner to represent us in the U.S. Congress. People with severe disabilities need assistance with skills that most of us take for granted. Jamie McLeod-Skinner has a belief that the public safety and welfare of all necessitates more social infrastructure for people with mental disabilities.” –  Chris Schuening, Pendleton

Letters: Vote McLeod-Skinner

The Bulletin, April 24, 2018:

“McLeod-Skinner and her family have deep roots in District 2. Since last July, she has been traveling all over the district asking folks what most concerns them and establishing dialogue that works toward consensus on issues that are important to all Oregonians. She knows that Central and Eastern Oregonians are concerned about access to education, access to good health care, access to good education, good jobs that pay a living wage, water rights, net neutrality and more.” – Kathryn Wood, Bend

Letter: McLeod-Skinner has eye on environmental issues

East Oregonian, April 24, 2018:

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner, candidate for the U.S. Congress in our district, has dedicated her life to helping others and the environment we live in. At a young age, Jamie spent several years in Tanzania where her mother was a teacher. This experience started Jamie on her way to a career in public service.” – Vickie Hendricks, Pendleton

Letters to the Editor, April 23

Mail Tribune, April 23, 2018:

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner is calling out Walden for his corporate giveaways, his attack on health care, for not protecting our natural resources, for sabotaging a critical community-developed water agreement, not protecting our internet access or privacy, and not providing for our veterans.” – Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood, Talent

Letters to the Editor, April 22

Mail Tribune, April 22, 2018:

“Jamie McCleod-Skinner is running for Congress in Oregon’s 2nd District, and I like the way she approaches politics.

Jamie has many years of experience at the local and regional level, as an engineer, planner and elected official. It has given her a bottom-up, practically oriented way of looking at problems.” – David Drury, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, April 17

Mail Tribune, April 17, 2018:

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner tells us that this race can be won. She has participated in forums across the state expressing her commitment to human rights and the importance of working together to formulate a better future for our state and for our country. Jamie is honest and experienced. She has my vote and I hope you will cast your vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the May 15 primary election.” – Rosemary Dunn Dalton, Ashland

Letter: McLeod-Skinner has campaign success, governance experience

East Oregonian, April 13, 2018:

“Jamie McLeod-Skinner is tireless campaigner, bringing her message again and again to the people of eastern and southern Oregon. She believes in face-to-face conversation, and would like to talk with, and represent, every person in our district.” – Patty Jones, Pilot Rock

Letters: Vote McLeod-Skinner; Consider alternative sites for bridge

The Bulletin, April 11, 2018:

“Wouldn’t it be refreshing to be able to vote for a candidate who can discuss our problems using an accurate but neutral vocabulary, a candidate who works to find common ground among diverse groups and work productively with them? If so, consider voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.” – Don Kunz, Bend

Letters to the Editor, April 10

Ashland Daily Tidings, April 10, 2018:

“After hearing Jamie McLeod-Skinner speak on two occasions, I am convinced that this is the Democrat we need to represent Congressional District 2 in Congress.

Not only does she have a thoughtful and intelligent grasp of the issues facing Oregonians, but also her proposed solutions are smart and are a good fit for this very diverse district. Her leadership skills and experience are impressive.” – Wendy Eppinger, Ashland

Letter: McLeod-Skinner has the background to succeed

East Oregonian, April 6, 2018:

“I’ve listened to Jamie McLeod-Skinner participate in several candidate forums and am always impressed with her high regard for education and how she has used her education. Jamie has a degree in civil engineering and a law degree. She put her civil engineering degree and watershed management experience to work improving water supply and sanitation in rural communities in Kosovo.” – Miriam Gilmer, Adams

Letters to the Editor, April 4

Ashland Daily Tidings, April 4, 2018:

“I am impressed with Jamie’s background and qualifications. She is the only candidate running to replace Walden that has held elected office. She is a water rights expert and has degrees in civil engineering, regional planning and law. Jamie McLeod-Skinner will represent all parts of District 2, both rural and urban, and has what it takes to work across the political landscape uniting people around shared Oregon values.”  – Sally McKirgan, Ashland.

Letter: McLeod-Skinner stood out in Democratic debate

East Oregonian, March 30, 2018:

“She deeply cares about the health of our natural resources, as well as the people who live and make their livelihoods in our huge rural district.” – Martin and Shirley Westfall, Pendleton.

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