Fighting for Oregonians

I’m running because we are in a time of crisis for our families, our environment, and our democracy.  I will stand up to anyone – even my own party – to get the job done for Oregonians, because working families need solutions, not out-of-touch millionaires.

My priorities:

Our social safety net has been systematically eroded over the past few decades, making it even more difficult to rebound from the COVID economy. People are struggling with both a health pandemic and an inequity pandemic. We need a responsive government that provides critical physical and social infrastructure.

That’s why we need to invest in affordable housing, healthcare, homecare, childcare, special and early childhood education, and affordable higher education that provides the skills so working people thrive in today’s changing economy, debt-free community college and trade programs (so unions aren’t left carrying that load), and a person’s right to choose.

As a City Manager, I balanced budgets and increased police funding, training, and accountability. I led wildfire recovery efforts, helping communities prepare for and respond to emergencies. I will tackle the climate crisis that is fueling devastating wildfires and drought.

I will work toward commonsense gun safety measures that keep us safe, preserve our Second Amendment rights, and protect our country from conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists that threaten our democracy. 

Jamie’s Public Safety Plan:

  • Fund police and mental health response services
  • Officer training and wellness programs
  • Emergency preparedness

I will work for us – not powerful DC insiders or party bosses. That’s why, unlike my opponent, I refuse to take money from corporate special interests and will vote for iron-clad ethics rules, including banning Congressmembers from trading stocks.

I will work to keep us safe and protect our rights.

Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, I will take on extremists like my opponent — who would ban access to abortion, even before a woman knows she’s pregnant — and keep government out of our personal medical decisions.

I believe politicians have no business putting themselves between a woman, her doctor and her god. I will stand up to extremists who want a full abortion ban in the United States, protect our access to reproductive care and contraception and fight to keep politicians out of our personal medical decisions. 

Climate-driven disasters are destroying our homes, crops, and the air we breathe. We must set policies and create incentives to change this trajectory and improve our responses to the resulting disasters.

Leading wildfire recovery efforts in the City of Talent earlier this year, I came face to face with people whose homes and livelihoods had been destroyed. I led on-the-ground recovery efforts for a city in rural Oregon that lost a third of its homes to wildfire and provided tangible results for those families, including farmworkers and seniors living on fixed incomes, and successfully pushed federal agencies to do more, securing millions of dollars in aid and housing.

In Congress, I will protect our rural economies, family farms from corporate takeovers and natural resources. I will crack down on mega-corporate price gouging, tackle inflation and stand up to anyone to deliver for Oregonians. 

From voting rights to meaningful campaign finance reform to ending partisan gerrymandering, we must build a democratic system that’s responsive to the will of the people. We must ensure all voters are heard and can easily participate in our democratic process.

I believe you shouldn’t go broke paying for medicine and quality health care. In Congress, I will take on Big Pharma to cap insulin costs at $35 a month and force drug companies to negotiate with Medicare to lower drug prices.

I know inflation is hurting seniors on fixed incomes the most. We must ensure seniors can retire with the benefits they have earned with no delays.

I will stand up for Oregon values

Solutions to our challenges will not come from profiting from our pain. That’s why, in any election or office I’ve held, I’ve never taken money from Big Pharma or fossil fuel PACs. We need leaders who vote in the interest of those they represent and won’t obstruct impactful legislation or propose fake alternatives for their corporate PAC donors. I will take on special interests to lower costs, end corruption and finally make Congress work for everyday Oregonians.


I often say I don’t believe in spending public money, I believe in investing it. Investing in addressing the needs of working families, addressing the climate crisis, and protecting our democracy is how we invest in our future and in future generations.