Safeguard Our Natural Resources

Committed to protecting our natural resources.

  • It is important to safeguard our environment with sustainable management of our water, air quality, public lands, and cultural resources.
  • Maintain our public lands and natural resources through sustainable management.
  • By sufficiently funding the US Forest Service effort to thin forests, we can reduce the risk of wildfires, protect air quality, and provide jobs.
  • Safeguard our water resources by ensuring that inter-boundary agreements protect Oregon’s long-term interests.
  • Preserve our natural, native, and ranching heritage by protecting our wildlife and ecosystems in Oregon and throughout the country.
  • Protect our natural resources for the preservation of species, tourism, recreation, our ranching heritage, and treaty obligations.
  • Global warming is the biggest threat to our environment, I will bring a sensible voice to Congress.
  • Will support the introduction of legislation for the development of clean energy jobs. Our environmental footprint can be reduced by shifting tax incentives to clean sustainable energy systems and away from dirty fuels.
  • Foster a collaborative approach to solving local issues that has been successfully used in many communities throughout rural Oregon.
  • I have championed several environmental initiatives, including increasing the percentage of renewable energy in municipal public power portfolios.

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