Secretary of State


The Secretary of State is responsible for representing all Oregonians in:

  1. Overseeing elections -- ensuring equal access, a fair process, and maximizing participation. Jamie has worked to increase political participation by engaging people across cultural divides, registering voters, and engaging diverse communities in the political process.
  2. Overseeing audits -- ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent as promised and in the public interest. Jamie has experience with audit oversight as a program manager, city manager, and elected city councilor.
  3. Registering businesses -- assisting businesses, especially small and family businesses, is crucial to the economic health and vitality of our state. Jamie has a track record of helping families and communities work towards economic independence.
  4. Keeping historical records -- maintaining public records is important for documenting our laws and history. As an attorney, Jamie understands the importance of communicating our laws and telling Oregon’s story that dates back to pre-statehood.
  5. Serving on the State Land Board -- managing our state lands for the greatest long-term benefit to Oregonians is critical for resource conservation and our Common School Fund. Jamie has worked in natural resource management as an engineer, regional planner, and policy maker.

And, if the Governor is unable to serve, the Secretary of State steps in to fill that leadership role. In a nutshell, the Secretary of State helps our government work for the common good. 

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Jamie is committed to serving Oregon, bridging the urban-rural divide, and safeguarding our democracy. 

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