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January 26, 2022, Lake Oswego Review Kurt Schrader has a dubious working relationship with his fellow Democrats on issues related to healthcare. He has been a co-sponsor on reducing regulatory government involvement on issues related to our health eliminating safeguards already in place. When the issue is related to health perils such as lead poisoning or cancer-causing chemicals, Schrader sides with industry and not with the health and well-being of his constituents in Oregon’s District 5. As a senior and cancer survivor I am angry that he did not support negotiating lower drug prices for Medicare. We have an alternative in Jamie McLeod-Skinner who is one of us. As our representative she will make sure our voices are heard and not the ones from Corporate PACS, such as big pharma. Jamie is a bridge-builder and she is a longtime advocate of healthcare for all. Let’s elect someone who actually has our interests at heart.

January 27, 2022, Bend Source Candidate for redistricted Congressional District 5—our district as of November—Rep. K. Schrader declares he is a progressive and has been doing all he can to address the climate crises. This missive covers two points: what is meant by Mr. 47% and more importantly, who funds this unlikely progressive regarding the climate crises. Redistricted CD5 includes most of Bend and amoebic-like extends northwesterly into southern Portland. That shape excludes voters who used to see Schrader on their ballots and includes voters who were previously in another district. Specifically, 53% of new CD5 voters do not see him as an incumbent. Only 47% will have had his representation in the past. He is not an incumbent to the majority. Thus, he is Mr. 47%. Schrader serves on the U.S. Energy and Commerce Committee. Great seat to address the climate crises. ECC oversees many federal entities, notably; Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Conflict of interestingly, Schrader is totally in the pocket of polluting carbon corporations; Koch Industries, Exxon Mobil, BP Corp, Chevron Employees, Conoco/Phillips Spirit, American Petroleum Institute, Petroleum Marketers Associates of America, Marathon Petroleum Corp, Valero Energy Corp, Phillips 66, Duke Energy and Haliburton Co. Rep. Schrader was the 6th largest recipient 2019-2020, receiving $98,000 from these PACs. We all know petroleum corporations donate expecting returns from their legislative campaign investments. FYI: Jamie McLeod-Skinner, a candidate for CD5, actually is a pragmatic progressive who has never accepted any corporate PAC donations. Susan G. Cobb

I care about children and our community so I am glad to have a better choice Jamie McLeod-Skinner is a small business owner, engineer and attorney, who has focused her career on Oregon rebuilding communities after wildfires and protecting our natural resources. I want a representative who represents us.