Committed to Our Communities, Not Corporations

Jamie believes that the role of the government is to work in partnership with other sectors of our society to provide the physical and social infrastructure necessary for folks to care for their families and communities.

“Government needs to know when to help out, and when to get out of the way.”


Jamie supports equal access to affordable, comprehensive, high-quality health care, including mental healthcare. This includes managing costs, supporting caregivers, and ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions are not denied or charged more for coverage.

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Jobs and the Economy

Jamie will work with communities and businesses to build partnerships that will drive economic growth in our district. Jamie sees the need for improving broadband access, supporting net neutrality, striking down harmful tariffs, ensuring affordable housing and investing in critical infrastructure including transportation, clean water, sustainable energy, waste management and wastewater treatment. Smart investments will create good-paying sustainable jobs. Providing a fair process for documenting our immigrant workers will protect families, communities and our economy.

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Jamie supports federal investment in public education including efforts to provide rural areas with more educators. Jamie also supports debt-free higher education by expanding the community college system, providing tuition-free college or trade school in exchange for voluntary public service, and federal loan forgiveness for graduates who enter careers in public service. Jamie will fight for federal legislation that provides full funding for early childhood and special education programs in our district. Jamie is endorsed by the Oregon Education Association.

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Fire, Air Quality, and Forest Management

Climate change is real. It's time to shift our investments out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy to protect our children. One piece of the solution to summer smoke is more forest thinning and burning. Unlike our current representative, I will listen to expert stakeholders in our district's many land management collaboratives, insist that best science is applied in policy, and champion more comprehensive solutions than simply clearcutting forests. I recognize the essential role of the timber industry in forest restoration and will work to create jobs in mill communities like Elgin, Oregon, where jobs disappeared on my opponent's watch.

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Tariffs and the Agricultural Community

Jamie supports a de-escalation of the current trade wars and a reversal of harmful tariffs that are hurting our ranchers and farmers, who would rather sell their products in a stable export market rather than receive a temporary bailout. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that $950 million of U.S. exports are at risk, including over $98M of wheat The tariffs are jeopardizing 498,400 jobs in Oregon that are supported by trade. Once these markets are lost – once China begins to buy their wheat from Australia or Russia or Ukraine – they’ll be extremely hard to recover.


Jamie sees immigration as a process that strengthens our nation’s economic growth. The current administration’s immigration policy reportedly is already hurting agriculture in our district. Jamie supports a clear path to citizenship for DACA recipients and other immigrants who have already contributed to our nation and a rapid response to those immigrants legally seeking amnesty. She believes in due process and keeping families together as they seek asylum.

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The Military and Veterans

Jamie will fight for our military personnel to receive the support they need – resources, advocacy, and PTS health services – during their active duty and their transition back to civilian life. In order to take care of our veterans, as they have taken care of us, we must invest in Veteran Services and put an end to the 20 daily suicides.

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Gun Laws and Public Safety

Jamie supports the second amendment of the Constitution and recognizes that a large percentage of CD-2 citizens own guns for hunting, recreational shooting, and for their own safety. She supports gun ownership for these uses and purposes. Jamie is appalled at the increase in shooting deaths in the US, particularly in schools, and calls on Congress to immediately establish basic federal standards for gun safety. Jamie supports a sufficient waiting period before gun sales can be finalized; background checks for all guns sold in stores, at gun shows and online to be sure purchasers are legally eligible to buy guns. Jamie believes that the civilian use of military style assault weapons should be seriously constrained, and bump stocks, like the one used to kill 58 people in Las Vegas, should be eliminated or at least limited to safe settings such as firing ranges.

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Taxes and the Federal Deficit

Jamie supports fair taxes at a level necessary to pay for our basic physical and social infrastructure needs while also reducing our federal deficit. Jamie supports a balanced budget.

Creating and Enforcing Just Laws and Regulations

Jamie supports common sense federal regulations to protect our health, well-being, and safety. Jamie believes in holding corporations and the wealthy and powerful accountable when they break laws and violate regulations. Jamie endorses enforcing laws barring foreign interference in our elections.. Jamie believes that prisons and community corrections should be publicly administered rather than private profit-making institutions that seek to increase the numbers of people under their supervision.

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Resources for Rural Communities

Jamie is a champion for increasing resources for rural communities – schools, teachers, internet access, jobs, health care, and open markets for agricultural products.

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Campaign Finance Reform

Jamie supports campaign financing reform including overturning Citizens United. She has committed to taking no corporate PAC funds and has raised over 1 million dollars with her average donation being under $100.

The Bottom Line

Jamie supports long-term, fiscally-responsible federal planning for national health, safety, education and a thriving economy.

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