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Pitch in to send Jamie to Washington D.C.

How can you help? Sign up to receive updates or to volunteer. The best way is voter outreach, contacting voters directly and sharing with them why you support Jamie.  See below upcoming volunteer events and how to best help at bottom of page. See Jamie’s calendar of upcoming events here.


Wednesday, June 13th 5-6:30pm  Volunteer Meet Up – Bend 

Bend Office, 361 NE Franklin Ave. Building E, Conference Room. Bend


Thursday, June 14th 4-6pm  Unete Meeting – Medford 

Vogel Plaza, 15 S Central, Medford

Join Unete this Thursday, wearing your McLeod-Skinner for Oregon tee shirts or buttons.  Let’s be Jamie’s collective voice at this event. 


Saturday, June 16th 1-2pm Door to Door with Jamie – Redmond

Baker Park, 1532 SW 17th St. Redmond

Bring a charged up smart device if you have one, and your friends. A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon gaining support for Jamie.


Monday, June 18th 4:30-6:30pm Volunteer Meet Up – Redmond

Redmond Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond


How can you help?


Phone Banking: virtual phone banking from home or at a phone party, where scripts and phone lists are provided to you. Can be done at home or in a group party. *Currently active phone banks available for the General Election. 

Door to Door: grab a friend or join in a canvass party, where lists are provided and you go door to door talking with voters and sharing information on why you support Jamie. Smart phone or device preferred but not required. Can be done solo, or with friends. *Can be done anytime for the General Election.

Text Banking: using a software system to enable faster testing, reach voters via text messages and engage in dialogue on why you support Jamie. Can be accessed via computer (no phone required) or via smart phone. *note this service has a charge and is not yet up and running for the general. 

Be a Team Leader: use your skill set and interests to help organize events and volunteers, and work directly with the campaign. Team leaders needed for research, communications, events, data entry, office staff, community outreach and more.

Other ways: tell 10 friends, display your bumper stickers, water bottle stickers, host a fundraiser, letters to the editor, join our other teams: office staff, research, writing, sending postcards, drivers, events.

Contact our volunteer team at Grassroots@mcleodskinner.com

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