Meet Jamie

Jamie at a Glance

  1. She is a planner, attorney, and consultant with local and international expertise in water issues and natural resources.
  2.  She was twice elected as a city councilor in Santa Clara, CA, where she served for eight years representing 120,000 constituents in a diverse, multi-service city. Her responsibilities included serving on the city’s ethics and audit committees.
  3. As a candidate, she has always honored donation limits, relying on smaller donors and not accepting corporate PAC money.
  4. Her Ashland High School 800-meter track record has not been broken in over 30 years.
  5. She is a voting member of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, which helps protect the health of Oregon’s watersheds to support thriving communities and economies, and she was elected Board Member of the Jefferson County Education Service District by write-in ballot. 
  6. In the past two years, she traveled 45,000 miles across Oregon, listening to the hopes and concerns of Oregonian families and communities. (That’s the equivalent of driving from Tillamook to New York City 15 times!) Jamie has lived the urban-rural divide, and bridges the political divide by bringing people together to focus on our shared values.
  7. In the November 2018 election, her results in the 20 counties of Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District (OR2) exceeded the re-elected Governor by 4%, the 2016 Democratic nominee for OR2 by 36%, and the 2016 Democratic nominee for Secretary of State by 26%. Jamie has demonstrated that she can win votes across our state. 


Meet Jamie

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is an attorney and natural resource consultant who has spent her lifetime working to build stronger and healthier families and communities. A rural Democrat, she knows how to bring people together across the urban-rural divide.


Born in Wisconsin, she lived in Tanzania as a child before moving to southern Oregon in high school. Jamie’s experiences with Ugandan refugee classmates and later repairing schools in war-torn Bosnia and Kosovo -- working with our troops to secure the peace -- gives her a broad perspective on the importance of ethical governance and protecting our institutions from political disintegration.


Jamie studied cultural anthropology and agricultural engineering before earning degrees in civil engineering and regional planning. After managing emergency relief programs in war-torn countries, Jamie was asked to manage refugee resettlement programs in Silicon Valley, helping families become financially independent. In listening to and observing the challenges they faced, Jamie designed training programs for the organizations providing assistance to refugee and immigrant communities. 


She went on to work in the public sector -- in organizational effectiveness, land use planning, and environmental planning for a water agency serving urban and rural communities. During that time, Jamie was elected to the Santa Clara City Council, where she represented 120,000 diverse constituents for two terms in a full-service city that owned a public power utility. Jamie’s leadership roles included the city’s audit, ethics, economic development, housing rehabilitation, and general plan update committees. Her regional leadership included serving on the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency, Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission, Clean Water Financing Authority, and the Green Building Coalition. 


Jamie returned home to Oregon to earn a law degree from the University of Oregon, focusing on water, natural resources, and Indian law. She clerked for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Land Use Board of Appeals, and the Klamath County Circuit Court. She served as City Manager in Phoenix, Oregon, where she worked to improve fiscal accountability, organizational compliance, and community engagement.

Jamie for Oregon - RootsJamie  and her wife, Cass, enjoy living in rural Central Oregon. They have four children. Cass’ family has ranched in Eastern Oregon for generations, and her dad lived in Jordan Valley’s “rock house” and worked the White Horse Ranch before joining the US Air Force.


Jamie serves on the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and on the Jefferson County Education Service District. She understands the problems facing us and has the skills and experience to help solve them.

Jamie is committed to serving Oregon, bridging the urban-rural divide, and safeguarding our democracy. 

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