Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon

Oregonians working together

Democracy works when people’s voices are heard, and the political process addresses our concerns. 


So much has changed since the 2016 election. The political divide in America -- and a growing divide in Oregon -- is tearing apart families and communities. Partisan rhetoric is eroding our trust in each other, and a feeling of not being heard is eroding our trust in government. We need to rebuild that trust.


I hear you.

 I spent two years traveling 45,000 miles throughout our state, listening to my fellow Oregonians. As a rural Democrat, I understand that we are interdependent with our neighbors, regardless of party affiliation.  

Our shared values include wanting to:

  1. Secure fair and equal access to our government.
  2. Ensure accountability in how our taxpayer dollars are spent.
  3. Grow the economic health and vitality of our communities.
  4. Provide transparency of public records.
  5. Sustainably manage our public lands.


It is the Secretary of State’s job to lead this effort. This job requires an ability to rise above partisan politics and to represent Oregonians throughout our state. 


Protecting our right to participate in democracy, ensuring government accountability, and growing sustainable communities is my life’s work. 


Together, we can rebuild the trust necessary to work together towards a stronger and healthier Oregon.

It's time to focus on our shared community values. 

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