Meet Jamie


Jamie understands what it’s like to sit down at your kitchen table and make tough decisions for our families. Jamie is committed to addressing the climate crisis and its impacts, helping our working families and economic recovery, and protecting our democracy. A small business owner, engineer and attorney, Jamie is a proud and pragmatic progressive Democrat who has focused her career on rebuilding communities and protecting our natural resources. Jamie is called to serve through her faith and life lessons — her schoolteacher mom taught her to “always leave a place better than you found it.”

Jamie successfully communicates progressive ideas in swing and rural areas. A former union member with working-class roots, she is the first out lesbian elected east of Oregon’s Cascades and is an outspoken advocate for climate justice, reproductive rights, racial justice, and working families. Jamie works hard, brings people together, and stands up for those often left behind.

From repairing schools in war torn countries to developing climate protection policies in Silicon Valley to wildfire recovery in Oregon, Jamie facilitates solutions and models people-centered leadership. Jamie’s public service includes being elected to a city council and education service district board, gubernatorial appointment to a statewide natural resources board, and leading recovery efforts for a city that lost a third of its homes to wildfire, where she secured millions of dollars in aid and housing.




Redistricting dramatically changed Oregon’s 5th Congressional District (CD5). The new district includes parts of Clackamas County, Multnomah County, Deschutes County, Linn County, Benton County, Marion County and Jefferson County. With only 48% of voters carrying over into the new district, new CD5 has no true incumbent.

Jamie consistently wins crossover support where other Democrats can’t.  Jamie is the only Democrat to consistently win in Deschutes County, which now makes up a third of the new CD5 voters.

In her 2018 congressional race, Jamie inspired Democrats with the largest voter swing in the country (+26%). Along with her 2,600 volunteers, she raised $1.3 million in primarily small donations, without taking Big Pharma or fossil fuel PAC money.


The Representative of the old CD5 has voted to support Republican priorities and is leading a fringe-Democrat effort to obstruct Build Back Better. He underperforms in elections — and that was BEFORE he infuriated Democrats by voting against reducing prescription drug prices (while taking Big Pharma money), undermining President Biden’s plan for economic recovery package for working families, and referring to the impeachment of Trump as a “lynching.” He’s lost touch with Oregonians and cannot win the new CD5.

Democrats cannot afford to lose CD5. With Jamie as our nominee, Democrats win in 2022.