Jeanne Atkins

Five years ago, Governor Kate Brown appointed me to fill out the remainder of her term as Secretary of State. It was a great privilege for me to serve our state and I am proud of the accomplishments made during my 22 months in office.

Now, entering a new election cycle I am very excited about the opportunity for Democrats to fill this important position once again. AND, for the first time in several election seasons, I have the opportunity to endorse the candidate I feel will best continue the critical effort to broaden the participation of Oregonians in moving our state forward.

I encourage Democratic primary voters to choose Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the May 2020 primary election.

Jamie has the right positions on issues Democrats care about. She has demonstrated her commitment to public service throughout her life and prepared herself for the kind of leadership and management the job of Secretary of state requires. She brings a strong intellect and thoughtfulness to her positions and messages. But for this unique position, she also brings a unique qualification: She is prepared to represent and give voice to all the corners of Oregon.

Democrats have moved Oregon forward on a progressive course for more than a decade. I’m proud of all we’ve done and the contributions made by all of the Democratic candidates who have joined the race for Secretary of State.

But divisions in our state – geographic, urban and rural – continue to challenge our ability to move forward. Some would cast this in partisan terms and argue that we need to gain the ability to work across party lines. I frame the challenge differently. I believe we must bring the core Democratic values shared by residents in all parts of our state to the table in Salem.

We can no longer depend solely on the broadmindedness and good will of NW Oregon-based leaders to pledge outreach to other parts of the state. We need leaders who have been “present” east of the mountains as more than a visitor; who have repeatedly trekked through the breadth of Southern Oregon, our coastal counties, and Central and Northeast Oregon; have lived with and listened to those who live there.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner – product of Southern Oregon schools, resident of Central Oregon, and indefatigable campaigner who awoke thousands of voters in the 2nd Congressional District to the potential for a Democrat to speak for them – is the one candidate who has also experienced this.

Oregon Democrats want a progressive candidate and one who has experience in governing as a champion for local residents as well as on statewide issues. That’s Jamie.

Oregon Democrats need a candidate who can break from the assumption that experience in the halls of Salem and name recognition in the Portland Metro area are all one needs to become a Democratic statewide officeholder. That candidate is Jamie McLeod-Skinner.